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Feedback that visitors have posted:
I just finished watching you play the fugue by Bach. Beautiful.  I too
am a guitar player and originally when I lived in Russia I took classical
guitar lessons.  It's still my absolute favorite style although due to
finances I am unable to continue learning the style. Keep on playing
and recording!  Fantastic job

You are doing an important thing, Michael, creating beauty in the
    - Diana

So very proud of you, Michael. This site is wonderful.

    - Angie

Hello my friend! great website it inspired me a lot!!! :) You are not only
a great guitarist but a great person!


Very very good Michael! Bravissimo! Visiteremo spesso il tuo sito e con
grande piacere. Complimenti e un caro abbraccio :-)

     -Giuliana e Silvio

Michael, I am so honored to have been a part of your incredible life.
You have great promise, an awesome personality, strong character, and
a beautiful wife. In the words of the old Gershwin song, you've got
music, you've got rhythm, you've got your girl.

      -Samuel Kaligithi

I listened to some of your recordings and must admit that your playing
is absolutely amazing. Your LH dexterity is without any doubt.
But..., when I listen to Bach's fugue BWV 1000, I experience the same
uncomfortable feeling when I listen to the same piece played by the
Maestro John Williams: 'finishing this piece as quickly as I can because
I have to catch that last train' If you play this piece substantially slower
then I am convinced that,with your talent, it would sound great!!

        -Joe Alders