Michael Ferris's
Dad's Music Shop:
Ferris Music Center
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My dad's music shop has been a great part of my life ever since I was
born. My dad sells a bit of everything from guitars, accessories, and
supplies for the every-day guitarist to P.A's and drums for churches and
local bands. I did not decide to take it over, but I still cherish it every time
I come home to see my family. It is a real music shop, right out of the
sixties. People come there to drink coffee in the morning, talk, and make
music. It is, and always has been something magical. I learned to be a
musical salesman before learning to play the guitar and I think that this
contributed to my love for the instrument, having seen so many people
begin on the guitar and turn into great players. Being around musicians so
much made me want to become one. If you are ever in Michigan in the
Benton Harbor / St. Joseph area and have the urge to visit my father and
his shop, he is located at:
Ferris Music Center
15 East Main Street
Benton Harbor, MI 49022
(269) 925-5814
My Dad and I at his shop