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Michael Ferris
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I have created this website to inspire guitarists and musicians alike. The site is also intended to interest listeners. There are
recordings, interesting reading,
a blog "Great Composers and their Lives", and more. Read the story of how I started
playing at 17 and then went on studying at a world renowned university with world renowned players. Having had many
wonderful teachers, not only with great talent but also great souls, I moved on to study at the internationally acclaimed
Mozarteum University for Music and Applied Arts in Salzburg, Austria, where I completed my M.A.degree in Guitar,  
studying under well-known guitarists Maria Isabel Siewers de Pazur, Joaquin Clerch, Augustin Wiedemann, Ricardo
Gallen, and the world-renowned player Eliot Fisk. I have also had the opportunity to play for master classes held by
leading guitarists, such as David Russell, Alvaro Pierri, and David Tannenbaum. In doing so, I have not only learned the
instrument, but lived out my dreams.
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